Pilot Program

Transit Labs is launching a closed pilot that will allow 24 transit systems across 6 client groups the opportunity to use the newly released Transportation Application Platform

Pilot Participation Benefits

  1. Comprehensive peer analysis using 10 years of performance & demographic data.
  2. Complete access to performance metrics developed during pilot
  3. Historical analysis of funding apportionment formulas for federal, state, and local.
  4. Prepare for the FTA's Asset Management and Maintenance Rulemaking (MAP-21) and apply for funding.
  5. Waived data integration costs.
  6. One month of cloud access to raw data and reports post-pilot.

5 Minute Overview

Complete Pilot Scope

  • Performance Measures
    • Financial Expenses
    • Financial Revenues
    • Ridership Performance
    • Schedule Adherence
    • Headway analysis
    • Efficiency and Utilization
    • Maintenance and Reliability
    • Safety and Security
    • Cross-Mode Analysis
  • Benchmarking and Peer Analysis
  • Modeling
    • Economic Impact
    • Funding Apportionment
    • Route and Service Planning